Rushing for train to Kuala Lumpur

Train travel between Singapore and Kuala Lumpur isn’t the fastest way (in fact, it’s the slowest!) but it’s an incredibly cheap, enjoyable and comfortable way to travel between these two cities. There are a few different train options

The shuttle train has no appointed seating and it leaves at 8 am. This train from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur takes you from the Woodlands Checkpoint in Singapore and over the water by means of a scaffold to JB Sentral station in Malaysia. The excursion takes around 5 minutes.

Once at the station needed to land the shuttle train. The station is entirely extensive and even as of now of day there were considerable measures of shops opens. “Train 2” to Kuala Lumpur leaves at 8:40 am, so approximately 20-20 minutes in the station before taking off.

At JB Sentral we had the capacity change over our Singapore cash into Malaysian coin, get jugs of water at 7Eleven .This was colossal on the grounds that it implied we now had the web for our 6-hour train ride to KL!


Trains service the Kuala Lumpur – Singapore – Kuala Lumpur route each day. There’s a choice of 2 modern air-conditioned daytime trains or an overnight sleeper. KTM Singapore Station is in Keppel Road in East Singapore, nearest MRT station is Tanjong Pagar. The Kuala Lumpur KTM station is KL Sentral.

Going out from Malaysia obliges traveler to withstand a freedom technique directed by traditions and migration of the nation which they are going to.

The following is the rule with respect to the traditions and migration freedom for travelers to observe when they go via train:

  • Movement Examination by Malaysia’s Authorities at Johore Bahru station
  • The announcement will be made to advise travelers to set up their lawful documentation, for example, identification and White Card after drawing closer Johore Bahru station for migration examination that will be doing on board the train.
  • Passengers are encouraged to sit at their own seats till the examination takes place.